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Get the Stench off Your Feet: 3 Simple, Yet Most Effective Methods to Try

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Dealing with bad breath or dandruff that causes smelly hair can be disgusting, especially if you have friends that hang around you often. The bad smell from your mouth or hair doesn't just make you look 'loose' on hygiene standards but also taints your image in a big way. But did you know the situation could be worse if the stench wafted up from your feet? Bromodosis is a medical condition that causes smelly feet, and it involves the thousands of sweat glands on the feet. Sweat attracts fungi and bacteria to your feet, allowing some microbial reactions that cause the feet to stink. But it's easy to prevent stinky feet if you do the following:

Use the Right Foot Products

Though you can't eliminate all the sweat glands on your feet, you can use some foot products to reduce perspiration. Consult a podiatrist first to know the most effective foot powder or antiperspirant spray to use to minimise sweating. Foot products containing aluminium chloride reduce the activity of sweat glands, preventing the soles of your feet from sweating. You can also use surgical spirits to fight bromodosis. Get surgical spirit from your podiatrist or buy it from a registered pharmacy and apply it after the footbath. Dry your feet with a towel and use cotton wool to apply the surgical spirit on the feet and between the toes.

Watch Your Footwear

Get a clean pair of socks for your feet every day. Keep off nylon socks and instead wear woollen or cotton socks. Keep off the shoes you wore yesterday, and wear a different pair so they can dry out. Stay away from plastic shoes, and instead, choose canvas or leather shoes because they allow the feet to breathe. If you often wear sports shoes or canvas shoes, ensure they are machine washed and dried out thoroughly before you wear them again. Air your insoles out daily and wear open-toed sandals often, especially during the hot season. Stay barefoot for a few hours in the evening to enhance air circulation on your feet and keep them dry.

A Cup of Black Tea for Your Feet

Cleaning and disinfecting your socks and shoes will not eliminate bromodosis if you don't do something on your feet. Clinical formulations and antiperspirants can be used to treat smelly feet, but a holistic approach is more effective. Put some brewed black tea in a basin and soak your feet for 30 minutes daily for ten days and then once weekly to regulate the condition. The black tea solution contains tannic acids that treat sweaty feet by drying out most of the sweat glands.

Don't give up on your stinky feet. Try the preventive tips above; they don't just target the sweat glands but also fungi and bacteria lurking on your feet and between the toes. Visit a podiatry clinic for more information.