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Three Early Signs of Hearing Loss

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Loss of hearing is one of the invisible health conditions that affect the general population. Some people overlook the early warning signs that they are losing this sense, while others hardly notice. Unfortunately, there is a level at which damage to the hearing sense becomes irreparable. The main challenge with loss of hearing is that it does not occur overnight, which makes it very hard to monitor and treat. However, if you learn to look out for these early signs, you will know when to seek professional help.

Difficulty Following Conversations

People who deal with hearing loss admit that it starts with a little difficulty in following conversations. If you notice that over time, you have been asking others to repeat themselves several times before deciphering what they are saying, you are probably dealing with the onset of hearing loss. Other related symptoms include difficulty following conversations even when seated amid the people talking and having a hard time hearing what women and children are saying. Women and children's voices are normally higher pitched than male voices, and normally, the ear loses the ability to register higher decibels of sound first.

When You Have a Favourite Ear

Sometimes, hearing loss starts in one ear and affects the other one later. When you start losing hearing on one side, you will find yourself turning the good ear towards the person speaking to get what they are saying. This symptom is also accompanied by ringing in the ears and problems following telephone conversations, especially when the earpiece is placed on the weaker ear.

When you Keep Avoiding Noisy Places

A healthy ear is characterised by a clear channel of communication from the outer ear, which captures the sounds in the environment, through the auditory meatus and then to the eardrum. The eardrum then amplifies soundwaves and transmits them to the brain for interpretation. When one of the organs is failing, sounds from the environment become difficult to interpret. You, therefore, interpret all sounds like simple noise, which becomes quite unbearable at times. If you notice you are avoiding places like clubs, parties and other noisy places, you may be dealing with the first stages of hearing loss.

The best way to deal with hearing loss is by contacting a professional for a diagnosis. They will determine if you have a conductive, sensorineural or combination of both types of hearing impairment and recommend the appropriate treatment. If your problem is conductive, they may recommend a hearing aid. Hearing aid technology is advanced, and you can get gadgets with Bluetooth and other features that simplify use and improve hearing efficiency. 

For more information on hearing aid technology, contact a medical centre.