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How to Come to Terms with a Panic Attack

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Have you suddenly experienced a very frightening event where you felt overwhelmed and under so much apparent danger that you could not control yourself? You may have run around from one point to another in terror, desperately trying to find an answer to this issue, even though you were not sure what was going on. This may have been the first time for you, but unfortunately, you've just lived through your first panic attack. This can be a very traumatic experience in and of itself and leave you dazed for hours thereafter. You may wonder if there is something seriously wrong with you, but in modern-day society, this situation is becoming increasingly more commonplace. What can you do about this, as you never want to live through this type of experience again?


You may have experienced a case of generalised anxiety disorder, which can build up in people and be triggered by a variety of different external events, whether individual or combined. You may have been sleeping badly for the preceding few days and be overtired, or a combination of circumstances may have left you particularly irritable. You may be restless due to some unconnected issues in your background or you may be having particular difficulty in concentrating on a challenging task. Some or all of these factors may be causing you to worry excessively and may build on each other to give you an irrational fear that leads to the panic attack.

Situation Triggers

Some people may become very upset in social situations or begin to suffer from this type of disorder if they have to go away for a long time and miss their family or friends. Others may develop a fear of open spaces or particular situations. In this case, they may have been involved in a nasty car accident in the past and find it difficult to travel in an automobile ever since.


Occasionally, anxiety can be triggered by a medical condition, and it can certainly be exacerbated by substance abuse, including drugs and alcohol. It may even be triggered by the caffeine in your coffee, especially if you tend to rely on it too much for inspiration. In all these cases, moderation is definitely the key to help you get in control once again.

Looking for Relief

Certainly, some anxiety is quite normal in life. However, this type of event is not, and you should seek help from a counsellor, so you can get to the bottom of it. Often, changes in lifestyle can make a big difference, but if the situation has been prompted by another type of event, then it pays to talk everything through calmly and collectively to see if you can rationalise it and prevent a recurrence. Talk with a counsellour about anxiety treatment options today.