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Dry Eyes Symptoms That Should Prompt You to Visit Your Optometrist

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Dry eyes tend to be a fairly common condition so while the symptoms are uncomfortable, it is not surprising to find most people will let the condition pass on its own. In some cases, however, the discomfort can become overwhelming and begin to detract from your wellness and overall productivity during the day. Rather than self-medicating, it is advisable to see a professional so that if there is any underlying eye problem, it can be detected early. The following are some of the symptoms of dry eyes that should prompt you to visit your optometrist.

Stinging sensations in your eyes

Although having dry eyes can be uncomfortable, experiencing debilitating pain is not a symptom that you should try to live with. The onset of stinging sensations in your eyes should have you visit an optometrist immediately for an examination, as it could imply that the condition is severe. A feeling of burning may even accompany the stinging sensations, and this can significantly decrease your quality of life. Also, be watchful of gritty sensations that make you feel like there is something caught in your eye.

Enhanced light sensitivity

Another symptom of dry eyes that should have you seeking medical attention is when you experienced increased sensitivity to light. When the light sensitivity is minor, chances are you can go about your daily routine. But when you find that you are continually squinting during the day or can barely keep your eyes open in glaring lights, it is critical to have an optometrist check out your condition.

Light sensitivity can be especially dangerous to motorists, mainly when driving at night, as it will compromise your concentration on the roads. Take note that light sensitivity is also a symptom associated with a host of other eye problems so it will be judicious to have an optometrist rule out other possible infections.

Excessive redness in your eyes

When some people notice that their eyes are red, they will typically grab over the counter eye drops to clear them. And while this redness tends to stem from fatigue or lack of sleep, redness that is brought on by dry eyes is a very different matter. When your eyes become excessively red due to dry eyes, it is a clear indication of inflammation. Hence, over the counter eye drops used to constrict the capillaries in your eyes will not work to restore their regular appearance. It is prudent to visit an optometrist so that they can treat the underlying cause once and for all.